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Trying to be and do better. I'd rather be on a sailboat right now, preferably in Maine

Marblehead MA

I am truly the most fortunate human on earth, with an amazing family and an incredible life.

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  1. This is brilliant!
  2. Sad (Not) and True

    As much as I wish the word Trump would leave our collectove vocabulary and consciousness for all eternity, this is an incredible article by @olivianuzzi .
  3. Me. Standing.
  4. World AIDS Day

    Today I honor the memory of so many friends who lost their lives to AIDS. Today I am grateful for people like @peterstaley who refused to let the dying continue without actio
  5. Kate Middleton claps like Elaine Benes dances.
  6. #TheNoelDiary is a nice Christmas movie. Plus Bonnie Bedelia is in it, so...

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