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Cherie Call


Singer-songwriter. Lover of tacos. Teacher. Mom.


Singer-songwriter. Teacher at UVU and Utah COPA. Lower Light. Wife of Joe. Mom of 4 kids.

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  1. Hi!!! Twitter finally became unusable and I was a serious user so I hope you find me here or tell me how to find you. XO
  2. New

    Last night we partied like it was 1990something. And today I blogged like it was 2009. If you want to read a post about The Cranberries, existential dread, and New Moment Resolutions, this may be the
  3. They’re tearing down the building where I studied music in college. I wrote a thing about it.
  4. Hi, everyone, I don’t have a pet! My kids are allergic. But I’m loving your photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

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