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  1. Jeez it's just nuts over there in birdland.
  2. #food #cupcakes
  3. Hi foodies, need something to binge watch? Max is awesome. #food
  4. Wishing you and yours a happy merry everything!
  5. Anyone else think Elon is doing the bidding of murderous dictators cuz he got trapped with some forbidden fruits?
  6. Banning journalists. It's so surreal. I saw talk of a walk out on Dec. 23rd. Seems like a good idea. This cannot stand.
  7. King Arthur's recipe for sour cream coffee cake is fabulous.
  8. Apple pie
  9. Here's some.
  10. Biscotti recipe Another good one to figure out. Not tooth breakers and just wonderful flavor. Yup, Olives in Charlestown. From long ago.
  11. Finn Finn The Dog of Sin We think he hails from the city of Lynn. #Dogsofpost #boston
  12. Test post. A cryptic recipe to decipher. Creaming method. Fabulous, delicious and moist. Not like banana bread at all. I used to make a maple icing and sometimes top that with crispy bacon. The crowd

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