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Charles T. White


Walking Earth’s circumference for world peace, taking pics and writing haiku

Midwest USA

Emmy-winning TV director, journalist, photographer, musician, talent manager/agent, Bel Canto Chorus singer. Now I’m walking 24,900 miles for world peace. All proceeds go to charity. Join me here.

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  1. Through the mists of time We’re looking forward and back Only now exists
  2. 25 Rules For Escaping Childhood

    1. You will lose stuff. Develop a system of item placement. 2. Someone around you will die unexpectedly. Be ready. 3. Learn to eat rice and beans. It is the cheapest way to keep from starving. 4. Cook. 5. Solve problems for people. Then when you have a problem, they will help you sol
  3. The trees are budding Birds building their cozy nests Warmer days to come
  4. Smart laughter is the best medicine!
  5. A back-lit cattail Like the down of a thistle Spring cattails anew
  6. Trio of trees wait Sleep in Winter’s icy bonds Faith in Spring’s return
  7. Sun is our day star At sunrise, watch it hover Fellow orb in space
  8. Mix strong winds with snow Add night wind’s scary noises Stay cozy inside
  9. Wait for that package Porch pirates eager to steal Risk jail for Windex
  10. Snow topography Like waves lapping at the shore But frozen for now
  11. Look! A BOMB CYCLONE! It’s snowing on mailbox roofs Return to sender
  12. Bitter cold morning Below-zero day and night Monochrome beauty
  13. Layers of color Flying by in a brisk wind Welcome, painted sky!
  14. Sustained rains, dark skies Might bring blues to some of us But not the mushrooms
  15. Stroll along the lake It belongs to the wildlife Peaceful flyover
  16. Village in darkness Everyone getting sleepy Lights come out to play
  17. Four trees in the sun Shadows falling where they will. Four different ways
  18. Hilltop vantage point Look! I can see my shadow Proof that I exist? Today’s walk: 3.71 miles Since 3/31/14: 13,442.54 mi. 2030 goal: 24,900 mi. (Earth’s circumference) #WorldPeaceWalk2030 #landscapephotogra

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