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  1. When asked which one of Jesus's disciples he would most like to be, Florida's Meatball Ron said, "Racecar Man."
  2. there should be no election until: a) voting rights amendment is passed and enacted and/or b) trump has been acquitted or convicted in dox case AND J-6 case
  3. Finishing touches is the grim reaper's entire job.
  4. I nominate dr. dre for house speaker because he makes good headphones
  5. ari melber should have havoc write a preface to his foreword in the J-6 book.
  6. Days, like pantlegs, should be approached one at a time.
  7. the best thing about trump digital trading cards is the digital bubble gum
  8. trump discards stolen documents like a trail of cheeseburger wrappers
  9. a machine so clean pristine irresistible is destined to be destroyed

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