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Just a girl standing in front of the internet asking it to love her.

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  1. #traitor
  2. Whoa! Hiyee. I forgot I had Post...
  3. Holy crap, I'm bored.
  4. Starting to get a bad feeling about this Trump guy
  5. Happy Day After Christmas! Did we survive?
  6. 不不不不
  7. @evilcylon brought me here
  8. I'm really bored
  9. Good Morning. I'm cold. Send nudes.
  10. Deport Elon Musk.
  11. I want a career where I make what I do now, but I have from January through March off to go skiing. Any ideas?
  12. Deport Elon Musk.
  13. Good Morning, World!
  14. Hiyee! I'm new. Don't make me cry.

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