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Lifelong Democrat•Animal & Environmental activist

Lifelong Democrat. Have no time for liars and chaos makers.

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  1. Wondering who will gavel in the House of Reps since Kevvy can't get the votes? The clerk of the house from the prior Congress gavels in the opening session and presides as speaker until one is elected
  2. The thing about the media endlessly covering that liar and cheat Santos is it does not matter if the coverage is negative. The republican insurrectionist don’t care if the news is negative. This is ho
  3. Keep winning President Biden!💫 #PostNews
  4. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays. Bodhi, our elderly rescue got a new toy in his stocking. He is an Italian Greyhound, will be 19 on his next birthday! Sweet dreams to all.
  5. The humor of bad politics is subtle and not always obvious while it is occuring.
  6. I am shocked to learn that Donny Johnny’s taxes were never under audit while he squatted in our White House. Just another lie from the biggest liar in history.
  7. Maybe something will come from this. I hope so.
  8. I will miss the Select Committee. American hero’s all.
  9. My favorite Hanukkah song:

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