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  1. Very very sad that my own kid is trying to get me to use the Temu app links like I don't know it's a SCAM to steal data. Having a teenager is rough these days. You can't tell them anything.
  2. I miss #Succession too but come on Alan.
  3. Can't wait for all the weird dreams from the candy tonight #HalloweenFoods #HalloweenHumor
  4. Bray Wyatt was a BIG dude who was also very athletic. He had heart problems which Covid exacerbated. He died from a heart attack. It was NOT because of the vaccine. It was because he already had heart trouble. Lose that weight before it becomes a real problem #RIPBrayWyatt
  5. The fake mugshot was better #Trumpisacriminal #TrumpIsGuilty #FuckTrump
  6. They really let him self report as 215lbs #trumparrested #Trumpisacriminal #FuckTrump
  7. Does he even have a legal department anymore? Is he trying to kill Twitter intentionally? This guy should NOT be building cars or rockets or space ANYTHING #Elon #TwitterIsBroken #DumbThingsBillionairesDo
  8. Chump won't fight Zuck and he uses bot accounts to make himself feel big. Little man syndrome #Elon #TwitterIsBroken #ZuckWon
  9. Twitter or X just exploded hahahahahaha #TwitterIsBroken #ElonMuskDrama
  10. Elon truly is an idiot. Why does anyone think that he can run a business?? #Twitter #TwitterIsBroken #ElonMuskistoBlame
  11. It's sad at this point

    More than a year ago I had a bad break up. More than a year ago. My EX is now stalking me on Twitter or X or whatever you want to call it. I could care less why she is still mad, but hey I am better off without her and her twisted family. It shows how really sad she is and I
  12. Not sure how many voice actors are on here, but everyone should check to see if ElevenLabs stole their voice #VoiceActing #videogames
  13. #TrumpIndictmentDay
  14. The GOP left Mitch up there because none of them are medically trained and have no idea what a medical incident looks like. That also makes their anti-vax propaganda look even worse. #MitchMcConnell #Stroke #GOPIsDestroyingAmerica #GOPHypocrites
  15. Elon is not a genius. He's not a doctor. He's not even a good businessman. He's just a moron who borrowed a lot of money #BronnyJames #TwitterIsDead #MetaLawsuitIsComing
  16. I want to see this fight. That dummy really has bitten off more than he can chew #Elon #microsoft #Xbox
  17. That dummy didn't even check to see if he rebrand was copyrighted/trademarked. Why do people call him smart?? And since Twitter is technically gone now, someone should trademark the name ASAP #Elon #TwitterisBroken #IdiotOfTheWeek
  18. That idiot really killed Twitter
  19. I really hate when people who do not understand tech ask me for help. I am not tech support. I am a software engineer.
  20. It's 2023. I should not have to explain to a grown woman the difference between when a dog has to relieve itself and chooses to go anywhere they can vs when a human has to go to the bathroom. It should be a crime to be that dumb #Stupidity #CommonSense

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