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  1. Happy #Caturday from ginger couch tato #Jonesy
  2. One eye open. #Jonesy
  3. Found a Jonesy whisker in the lint trap.
  4. Done
  5. Happy New Year 🎉🥳
  6. Getting there
  7. #MyLove #MyHandsome #MyJonesy
  8. ❄️time!
  9. Done
  10. Gettin there
  11. Man does one of my downstairs neighbors have the most horrendous sounding cough! Kinda sounds COPD-y mixed with something else going on.
  12. I'll say chicken the way Leeloo does everytime I eat fried chicken. That is all. Carry on.
  13. The view is kinda eerie this morning.
  14. I'm getting stir crazy & my sinuses are as dry as the Sahara & I need a humidifier & I want to go outside but it's butt ass freezing cold & did I mention it's windy too & I just need to hang in there
  15. I think he likes my hoodie. #Jonesy
  16. Done
  17. Being alone on Xmas is kinda sucking, if I'm honest. But I'm handling it better than old me would've. So there's that.
  18. Gumbo time 😋
  19. I think color gradients are one of my top favorite types of puzzles to do.

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