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Proud wife, mother, grandmother. I always exercise my right to vote.

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  1. We reached 15,000 followers! We’re liking post so far! If you've followed us on Twitter, we’d be honored to have you follow us here too. Would you please REPOST this post to spread the word that @calltoactivism is on Post? Thank you! 💙
  2. The judiciary and legislative bodies in the U.S. should not be making these decisions.
  3. When does this stop?
  4. The Lincoln Journal in Nebraska reports that two bills were introduced today in the state legislature that would all but eliminate mail in ballots and that would require strict photo identification. T
  5. Clerk of the House, Cheryl Johnson is doing a great job. If it wasn’t for her it would be a complete clown show.
  6. What we’ve been watching over the last 3 days is a prelude to the next 2 years. What a mess!
  7. IMPROVING #PostNewsDatabase DROPPING THIS PM PST Wednesday December 28 We are so glad and so grateful you "like" these posts updating you on the PostNewsDatabase progress. I speak for all of us in
  8. The written attack on Dr. Fauci really bothered me. Thank you @danrather for setting the record straight. I am grateful to Dr. Fauci for his years of service.
  9. Introductory first post

    Happy to see many of the accounts I follow on Twitter are on Post. I am interested in healthcare and politics and look forward to interacting with everyone in the future.

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