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  1. By Tetyana Oliynyk Ukrainian anti-aircraft gunners destroyed a Russian attack and reconnaissance Forpost drone in the Black Sea, which is analogous to the Turkish Bayraktar UAV and costs USD 7 million. Source: Air Command Pivden (South) on Facebook Quote: "Over the day, on 1 April 2
  2. By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Donald Trump’s attacks on the judges and court staff overseeing his criminal trials have much deeper legal implications than petty fines. Instead, the attacks—and the responding “passivity, acquiescence, and submissiveness by the nation”—are actively u
  3. By Lisandra Gomez-Tate Former U.S. Representative Liz Cheney , the Wyoming Republican who has made herself the loudest voice in the GOP’s Donald Trump resistance movement, spoke to a very large crowd in Iowa this week, saying that the Republic “can survive” four more years of polic
  4. By Dominic Culverwell, The Kyiv Independent news desk Russia launched close to 190 missiles, 140 Shahed drones, and 700 aerial bombs at Ukraine over the last week, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his evening address on March 24. The president noted that restora
  5. By Olena Goncharova, Martin Fornusek, The Kyiv Independent news desk Editor's note: This is a developing story and is being updated. Russia launched another large-scale drone and missile attack against Ukrainian cities overnight on March 22, targeting the citi
  6. By Kateryna Hodunova Czechia provided Ukraine with the last of its Soviet Mi-24 attack helicopters, the Czech media outlet Denik N reported on March 21, citing Czech Defense Minister Jana Cernochova. Cernochova announced in August 2023 that Czechia may supply Ukraine with
  7. By Elsa Court, The Kyiv Independent news desk The Netherlands will procure 150 million euros ($164 million) worth of munitions for Ukraine’s F-16 jets, Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren announced on March 20. The Netherlands and Denmark are leading the fighter
  8. Donald Trump loves to call Chris Christie a “fat pig.” He calls just about everyone he doesn’t like “not smart”, “stupid” or “dumb.” He says Joe Biden “hates God.” He calls women ugly, uses physical appearance to mock and insult, calls the news “fake” and “phony”, calls our military
  9. Can we get a few Republicans to vote Jeffries pls
  10. 🚨BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court DENIES Alabama's effort to use its illegal congressional map. This guarantees a new map with two Black opportunity districts will be in place for 2024. Congrats to NRF, ELG team and voters of Alabama!
  11. BREAKING: Democrats RETAKE control of Pennsylvania state House, with special election victory by Lindsay Powell. Dems have now won PA governorship, US Senate race, and flipped state legislative chamber, all in less than a year. Signs to come for 2024?
  12. The Daily Beast is reporting that Elon Musk ordered engineers to switch off his Starlink satellites just as Ukraine was preparing to attack the Russian naval fleet with drones. He said he feared nuclear retaliation by Russia. It’s high time we ask the question: How much power and
  13. By: Andrew Goudsward WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Donald Trump's former lawyer Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming two Georgia election workers who were the target of vote-rigging conspiracy accusations following the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a U.S. judge in Washington ruled on W
  14. “With a population of 330 million, $900 per capita would mean that the U.S. sent close to $300 billion to Ukraine. The Biden administration has committed more than $40.5 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. This amount includes stockpiles of cold-war-era weapons.”
  15. Stealing the election and maintaining permanent fascist control wasn't the whole coup. Turning millions of Americans against their own country in the process was. We see you @RusEmbUSA
  16. No matter how far away they harbor, the ships will be sunk. The naval drones of #Ukraine are becoming quite excellent, and they are completely developed in Ukraine. Looks like the most powerful fleet of the black sea is losing against a country that has no fleet.
  17. #Politics #JackSmith #Indictment #DonaldTrump [S]ome of the overt acts alleged against Trump might look less damning if Trump could show he truly believed he won the election, others would not. Even a sincere, deeply held belief that the election had been stolen would not, for in
  18. There is nothing lower than slandering an elderly man who was volunteer attacked by an intruder.

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