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Author & advocate for relational leadership

I wrote 'Dare to Un-Lead', the Porchlight 2022 Leadership & Strategy Book of the Year! Prior to that, I worked close to 30 years in the corporate world, in small and large organizations, over three continents. My work with large-scale innovative engagement has been recognized multiple times. I've been a consultand since 2018, helping organizations with new leadership strategies that mobilize communities, leverage networks, solve problems and create capacity for change. A blogger since 2013 and a TEDx speaker, I was made a Knight of the National Order of Merit by the French government for my workplace change efforts.

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  1. Thrilled that Dare to Un-Lead was named the Porchlight Leadership & Strategy Book of the Year ! #leadership #books
  2. Hello, Post! Not sure I like everything about this here (centralization, monetization...) but I'm curious and so, giving it/me a chance

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