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Writer and editor. I contain multitudes, but my pronouns are she/her/hers for other people's ease. They/them totally fine, too.

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  1. We're down to the part of the Kickstarter where they count down to the end in hours instead of days! 49 hours to go. If you haven't backed my collection of queer BDSM short stories yet, now's your chance:
  2. So I tweeted a thought about the SAG Awards, not a particularly spicy take, but I got a much larger than usual parade of racist trolls responding. I kind of wondered who RT'd who brought that on. And then someone sent me the link to Buzzfeed News. Ohhhhh... haha. Good thing I mut
  3. The Bent for Leather Kickstarter is live...!

    Last night in the wee hours, I launched a Kickstarter to self-publish my collection of very queer, very kinky, erotic short stories, which I'm trying to have in time for the International Ms. Leather & Bootblack event, which I'm keynoting this year! Link: Lik
  4. I'm keynoting the EFA Conference

    Please share the news: early bird reg for the Editorial Freelancers Association conference in August is now open. Guess who'll be keynoting? Yours truly!
  5. Okay, cocktail and liquor nerds, fandom's own mixology maven Tammy Coxen (whose online cocktail classes were the most fun I had in 2020) has launched a project to investigate, open, and taste hundreds
  6. agreed

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