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  1. Putting the Secret in Secret Service

    Secret Service has more secrets to share Read this article and remember that VP Mike Pence refused to get in a limo with the USSS on 1/6 during the attempted coup, stating (in essence) that he didn't trust them. Now we know what Mike knew: the Secret Service is compromised. Fire ev
  2. When asked whether an arrest had been made in the (alleged but legally obvious) rape of a 12 year old, local police said the investigation was "ongoing" but they were "unsure a crime had been committed." Hello! It's called "STATUTORY RAPE"!!! The 12 year old's "intent" doesn't fac
  3. AN ASPIRING DICTATOR IS STILL A CRIMINAL!!! jeez with lawyers like that he's going to jail for the rest of his miserable days
  4. Wouldn't a flat tax be cheaper?
  5. ChatAPT + killer robots = SkyNet is anyone paying attention???!!!???
  6. Lemon blossoms this afternoon on my home grown tree. When life gives you lemons, plant them and make more!
  7. Authoritarian style leaders are considered popular because they "break the rules" and that appeals to a significant portion of the electorate... but the rules keep people from needlessly dying. Consider 45's failed COVID-19 response. Consider Erdogan's waiving of building codes.
  8. Congratulations GOP!

    Another #GOP Success Story. Cutting funding for tracking and treatment of STDs is responsible for this. I suppose they believed charities and churches would take up the slack? Texas and Florida are next.
  9. They say it like it was somehow unexpected... #GriftersGottaGrift
  10. I Remember A World Before Microsoft

    "But in announcing their extended partnership in January, Microsoft and OpenAI said they are committed to building 'AI systems and products that are trustworthy and safe.'" <- the same people that brought you MS-DOS and Windows are promising you a "safe" AI. What could possibly g
  11. To Kevin McCarthy: I just paid $3.29 gal for gas. The week it took 15 votes & promising away 100% of your soul to become Speaker, I paid $2.69 gal. You must've tweeted 100 times leading up to the mid-te
  12. Jon Stewart should be the spokesperson for the Democratic party. He's a respected voice who people listen to.
  13. Let Me Show You My Anole

    Found chilled to lethargy on the garage concrete slab. Gently relocated to temporary habitat so they wouldn't get flattened. Youngest child (25): why do you have a surgical microscope in the basement? M
  14. Virgin Islands AG fired for suing JP Morgan over Epstein
  15. Interesting.
  16. My spouse has a variation; "Get your sh*t out of the basement!"
  17. There Is A House In New Orleans

    This was me, 12/31/1980, eleven pm, on Bourbon Street in New Orleans Louisiana. Alabama would defeat Arkansas in the #SugarBowl the next day. I remember it like it was yesterday. And yes, we stormed t
  18. Toot of the Day.

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