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Mambo Dogface To The Banana Patch

Done a lot, seen a lot. Mostly uninsured.

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  1. Oppenheimer fanfare ignores N.M. ‘downwinders’ caught in bomb fallout (7/29 WaPo) #nuclear
  2. Yes Mam, there is that.
  3. Link to inmate lookup when the time comes. please, please, please!
  4. Woke Seaweed invades Florida!
  5. In our lifetime.
  6. Name it?
  7. Ready for the weekend
  8. Do the Arithmetic people.
  9. Lovely
  10. Going treasure hunting in Palomas, Mexico.
  11. Happy Friday!
  12. Banishing the memories or setting up for another attack on Congress? Republican insurrectionists are unrepentant.
  13. Happy Festivus in New Mexico
  14. Good Morning

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