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I like music, a fan of Kansas City Chiefs and a fan of Oklahoma City Thunder

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  1. Listening to KJ103 one of the best top 40 station in Oklahoma City,OK. #iheartradio
  2. Yep, Google Bard is far better than Bing A.I. Microsoft must be drinking pisswater coffee.
  3. Microsoft should shutdown the chat bot or whatever you call it.
  4. Google has idiots for an A.I. brain.
  5. Like I said never buy or rent a car from Hertz, evil company.
  6. I could listen to The Weekend all day.
  7. Thats cool man, it snowed here in moore,ok today.
  8. CBS Sports HQ is better than listening to some stupid FM or AM station.
  9. OU Sooners lost and a bunch of Sooner fans were crying like little sissy's. LOL!!!
  10. T-Mobile speeds still suck here in Moore,OK.
  11. If any T-Mobile employers are on here tell the technicians to fix the cell tower in Moore,OK the internet sucks here.
  12. I wish OKC Thunder would trade Josh Giddy, every time he plays OKC Thunder goes into overtime and loses #NBA
  13. Do NOT ever ever tell me to take my mask of!! Mask saves lives!!!!!
  14. OG&E worst power company in Oklahoma ever.
  15. Timberwolves 112 OKC Thunder 110 Final. #NBA
  16. I hope OKC Thunder wins tonight. #NBA
  17. Never rent or buy a car from Hertz in the Oklahoma City,OK area.
  18. I could play WGT all day. It runs better with Linux and on the Steam platform. It runs slow on windows 11.

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