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  1. Statehood NOW for D. C. And Puerto Rico
  2. Saying Trump supporters are “Stupid” is being charitable…
  3. LOOK at this and post it widely. Don’t let Abbott lie about his cronies.
  4. Oh No! This is terrible news. We owe him a debt We need him in Congress!
  5. I’ll NEVER EVER FLY SOUTHWEST!! And I’ll warn everyone I know not to!
  6. #ukraine
  7. These facts need to be repeated often and loudly!!
  8. Love Groucho
  9. Free Covid Tests??

    Just received the latest free Covid tests in the mail. I hate to complain about free but these 4 tests expire 2/17/2023. Not even two months! Really, is that why they were free? #Covid
  10. You must be bold, brave, and courageous and find a way... to get in the way. John Lewis
  11. Have you seen the movie “65” trailer? Stranded on an unknown planet with Dinosaurs!!
  12. Bout was a single person… On the other hand
  13. The requisite sideways pet photo.
  14. Apparently a LOT of Americans need a fucking refresher.
  15. I’m in, now to find my people

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