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I live in Florida and I volunteer at an animal shelter. Love to travel around the world, love me some night trains:-) It costs nothing to be nice.

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  1. #RIP Cindy Williams.
  2. Good Riddance 2022! Strange year. Here’s to 2023 being another strange year, but a bit more Good-Strange.
  3. There was a half grown kitten cat in the back yard in the snow & the spouse opened the basement door. Now there’s a half grown kitten cat sitting on a barstool at the basement bar. We may have to mov
  4. #feliznavidog Mah, need wallet size fur all me fwends.
  5. #feliznavidog Dog-sitting on Christmas Eve! Time for a photo shoot :-)
  6. Do me a favor and let people know I’m giving this site a try. I suppose you can “Repost” this? Is that the right term?
  7. The Christmas card. The first one was sent in 1843 by a gentleman living in the United Kingdom named Henry Cole. Coincidentally, that was the same year Charles Dickens published, "A Christmas Carol."
  8. Warmest wishes for happy holidays to all, and may your beloved holiday rituals not be immediate preludes to violence
  9. Doogie’s first Christmas, 2017. His half a pinky nose keeps him sweet, sometimes. #CatsofPost
  10. True story.
  11. You get a dog! And you get a dog!

    So, there was a dog under my seat on the plane yesterday. A dog! I mean, how lucky can a person be! Sweet baby was a little scared, but then fell asleep.
  12. Happy Caturday Post Peeps! #Caturday #CatsOfPost
  13. No more puzzles Mama, my belly needs rubbin’— Doogie Meowzer, MD (reporting for doody)
  14. If you run for office as a member of a political party, then switch parties AFTER you're elected and in office, you should have to pay back every single campaign donation you got under penalty of Bait
  15. Sir Reginald McLongshanks III (Reggie) sends greetings and pleasant thoughts. #catsofpost

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