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Bicoastal expat Pisces holed up in the desert.

New Mexico

practitioner swimming upstream in the industry. Introvert.

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  1. Classy Snax

    I’ve decided the difference between snacks & hors d'oeuvres is the serving vessel. snacks just look classier when put on a small plate rather then in a bowl. Try it next time you pull out the Takis.
  2. the conspiracy theorist in me can’t help but ponder the timing of an AI revolution and an Adderall shortage
  3. Omg -Eric B & Rakim soundtrack to Nate re-intro on s3e1 of #tedlasso whhhaaat!?
  4. Elvis

    Gosh - just when i forgot about Baz Luhrmann - had my socks knocked off by Elvis. Cinephiles & critics with greater knowledge than I may disagree but I find his use of the the montage completely uniqu
  5. Direct correlation between the onset of menopause & outing yourself as the tooth fairy = 🙋‍♀️
  6. Moose on the loose in Santa Fe at the Ski Basin. Big! Unusual sighting, rare to see moose in NM…
  7. This book! What a gem. Scratches all the itches: some gossip, some NYC nostalgia, some father/daughter relationship insight, threads of arresting poetry, & some real talk abt the power of literary exe
  8. the most shocking reveal from Harry & Meghan is that they both use the hunt & peck method to type
  9. First round of holiday baking #newmexicotrue
  10. Recommended (family friendly) holiday movies? I have a 9 year old out if school until 2023 🫠
  11. Hello World!

    All these ‘I’m new here’ posts are giving off serious Blogger-circa-2000 energy and I am digging it. Flashing back to that first wave of Facebook outrage when we all part-time migrated to Ello. Everyon

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