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Catherine Lancaster


In beautiful Seattle, WA

Fremont, Seattle

Sr. Finance professional*, lover of music, cooking/entertaining, arts and culture, and economics/statistics. Trying to see as much of the world as possible while I'm still here. *My last role was Corporate Controller of Napster [yes, it still exists...] until a lay-off in December 2022, and am currently looking for my next opportunity.

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  1. The first week of summer in #Seattle ☀️ When traveling, I often tell people how much I love the weather here, and I'm generally responded to with disbelief. Most common: "but it's always raining and grey there!" I usually respond by saying it doesn't rain as much as they think, an
  2. I will admit I do only post pictures of Forrest on the bed, when the bed has been made :-) #catsofpost #blackcatsrule #catsofSeattle
  3. Happy #Caturday And please stay hydrated :)
  4. Jackson Hole, WY, Restaurant Recs Please

    I'm going to be in Jackson Hole, WY, next week and am looking for recommendations for where to eat. I'm an omnivore and have no dietary restrictions, and generally prefer interesting, creative, or reflective of the local culture type places. I will also be by myself, and while t
  5. There are two gifts that if anyone gave them to me, I would probably love them (the giver) for the rest of my life: 1) Waterproof all my boots 2) Hire a plant expert to come into my home and tell me exactly how often to water each of my plants, and where best to put them so they a
  6. Last Sunday I flew home from my first trip to #LakeTahoe - this is the view of the lake from my room. I had seen pictures and knew it was pretty, but wasn't prepared for how gorgeous it really is. The
  7. Happy #caturday This is Forrest who turned 17 y.o., November 21st. I don't know his exact birthday, but that's his gotcha day. #catsofpost #blackcatsrule
  8. I am now following this group.

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