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Battle Creek Michigan

Hobby potter. Science, nature, democracy lover.

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  1. There is no movement advocating political violence on the American left. It is entirely confined to the American right. The media needs to admit that, and the FBI needs to recalibrate their efforts.
  2. By Sanya Mansoor Palestinians are experiencing a total communication blackout in Gaza, according to civil society groups and journalists on the ground. Israel's military said Friday that it was "expanding" its ground operations in Gaza. In a recent news report, an Al Jazeera Englis
  3. During her last Speakership, Nancy Pelosi led the House in passing the Inflation Reduction Act, American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, Postal Service Reform Act, Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, CHIPS and Science Act, Honoring Our PACT Act, Electoral Count
  4. Support Jim if you can.

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