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  1. Want Roe? Vote Joe.
  2. Joe Biden is going to win Florida in November. The Florida Supreme Court just opened the door — putting reproductive rights and cannabis on the ballot this fall — and Florida’s voters are going to march right on through. 🌊
  3. By Parker Molloy Hey, everyone. Parker here. Super quick update to one of yesterday’s newsletters. Ronna McDaniel is out at NBC News just four days after the announcement of her hire. In case you missed it, yesterday I wrote about the decision to hire former RNC head Ronna McDaniel
  4. By Matthew Impelli President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that the federal government should front the bill to rebuild the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, following its collapse. "It's my intention, that the federal government will pay for the entire cost of reconstru
  5. When you lose Chuck Todd, you know it's serious.
  6. #giftarticle #Groceries #supplychain #disruption #inflation Best of luck to Biden as he addresses this, families need relief. === "The report found that some large firms “accelerated and distorted” the effects of supply chain snarls, including by pressuring suppliers to favor them
  7. President Biden signed an executive order Monday to address women's health issues, such as menopause, by increasing funding and research. By Sarah Gleason, Wilmington StarNews President Biden has signed an extensive executive order to support women’s health research. The announcemen
  8. This demonstrates that the combination of TFG's greed-driven policies, along with his Administration's failure to mitigate the COVID pandemic, coupled with corporations once again taking advantage of a crisis to fleece the American working class - all contributed to the economic
  9. Trump is selling out Ukraine for Russian backing in the election. A #Trump victory in November would finish off US democracy and a Russian victory in #Ukraine would doom freedom generally. If you want a chance to live in a decent world, you've got half a year to act. Timothy Snyder #
  10. Sen. Ossoff today introduced the Right to Vote Act, a bill to create the first-ever affirmative Federal voting rights guarantee for all U.S. citizens and to allow U.S. citizens to challenge in court any policy that unduly restricts ballot access.Sen. Ossoff is joined by Senators
  11. Dark Brandon is back. 😎
  12. President Joe Biden ought to go full Dark Brandon tonight at the SOTU and slam Trump and the GOP for the insurrectionist 1/6 riot in the very room where it happened. Imagine the drama. This could also help him re the age question. I explain how it could be done, including calling
  13. By Dan Rather The presidential campaign is well and truly underway. After Super Tuesday, Donald Trump now has most of the delegates he needs to win the nomination. And with Nikki Haley bowing out, he has no competition for the remaining ones. President Biden is similarly situated
  14. Now THIS is how you write a headline. 👇🏻
  15. Marjorie Taylor Greene, your time's up. North Georgia: I heard you loud and clear. Today, I filed my paperwork, and I'm I'm going to be on the ballot as a candidate to represent the great people of 14th Congressional district. Can you repost this post and consider matching our AVG
  16. 👇🏻
  17. Don't have high hopes for this one, tbh.
  18. " Selective Christianity is a hell of a thing. These folks seem to (inaccurately) deploy the Bible as a weapon for their own misguided judgment but never seem to read what Christ said constantly about our collective duty to the poor and the otherwise vulnerable."
  19. Wow!

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