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  1. John Vincent Estes, 29, former youth pastor of a Joplin church, was found guilty of first-degree statutory rape of a child under the age of 14 & has been sentenced to 40 years in prison. BEKS - antifaoperative
  2. How long will DOJ allow Judge Aileen Cannon to delay and deny justice in the classified documents case against Donald Trump?
  3. By Abbey Fenbert Over 40 countries called for a special tribunal to hold Russia accountable for war crimes committed in Ukraine at the Restoring Justice for Ukraine conference held in the Netherlands on April 2. The conference addressed point seven of President Volodymyr
  4. Damn...what an incredible liar. I'll bet that whole story didn't take him 15 minutes to think up. I hate to break this to you, Mr. Trump, but all those Black followers you say you have will know instantaneously that there isn't a word of truth in that story. I bet when they ask y
  5. If Texas wants to secede, then why are their senators & representatives running for re-election in congress? People are really brainless. They have no idea what they will lose if that happens - funding, Medicare, Medicaid, disaster relief, social security, will need visas to ente
  6. The truck with the coup threat tailgate image of President Biden belongs to Carolyn and Vincent Franco III, owners of Custom Choice Builders, Inc. they live in Amityville New York. Their house is currently blurred out on Google Maps.
  7. Mar-a-Lago is a geriatric cult compound infested with traitors, fascists, morons, money hoarders, and criminals. It is a mecca for spies, losers, betas, incels, and pedophiles. Bulldoze that dump to the ground and grind the rubble into dust.
  8. Victor Orban leaving Mar a Lago
  9. Rep. Swalwell for the win!
  10. Yes. They REALLY DO WANT TO GO BACK TO BIBLICAL MARRIAGE. Though I doubt they'll be trading goats for little girls.
  11. The GOP has you best interests on the bottom of their list..
  12. By Michael Kunzelman A former military officer who assaulted police officers with a hockey stick and a sharp metal pole while he stormed the U.S. Capitol was sentenced on Wednesday to more than three years in prison. Michael Joseph Foy, 33, threw the pole at police and struck offic
  13. Says the law breaking trash heap loving mother who has no issues with publicly using her children to further perverted agenda Sounds like someone should've stayed home and been a better mother #hypocrite #tylerboebert #WholesomeFamily #laurenboebert #congress #christianfamilyvalu
  14. Incase it wasn’t totally obvious that we have more than 5 emojis… be sure to type a letter after you begin typing the colon!
  15. By Thom Hartmann Now that Republicans on the Supreme Court have forced a pause in Donald Trump’s federal trial for trying to overthrow the government of the United States and install himself as dictator for life, Jack Smith and his team may have a little time on their hands. Respec
  16. The Milky Way and Venus over Rangeley Lake, Rangeley Maine in the Winter. Photograph courtesy of Toby McGuire. Random fact: A friend and I swam across this lake years ago, each with huge inner tubes from a local farmer's tractor. 😂
  17. If there’s a Government shutdown, it will not be because the Parties could not agree to passable legislation. They could, and they did. It will be because Speaker Mike Johnson, God-fearing Christian, prioritized his career and job title above his Country and human lives and Ameri
  18. Republicans demanded a bill on the border. Democrats agreed to the bill. Republicans then did a 180 and killed their own border bill — because Donald Trump wanted to deny Joe Biden a win. Those are the FACTS — and EVERY news story on the border must include this background.
  19. By Ellie Quinlan Houghtaling Self-identified Nazis were at CPAC—and for all of the event leadership’s political waffling, NBC News had the receipts to prove it. On Saturday, NBC News reported that the fascists “didn’t meet any perceptible resistance” at the conservative conference,

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