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  1. Hamline University’s leadership continues to be an anti-intellectual dumpster fire.
  2. I was reminded recently by a doctor friend who works on the frontline of infectious disease in the hot zone of Uganda that we still know very little about covid. He shared the story of Malaria, how fo
  3. Worth reading this heartrending piece on the harm done by purveyors of vaccine disinformation.
  4. Saw this on instagram & I feel seen.
  5. I do not link to Twitter unless there is a good reason. This is a good reason. Step 1: Andrew Tate (who I did not know existed until this happened) tweeted at Greta Thunberg that he had more than 30
  6. Old 97s and James Gunn nail it with my new favorite Christmas song from the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special:
  7. When I was young, I scoffed at the notion of water as a private commodity, believing that only happened in dystopian fiction. Guess I was wrong, huh?
  8. Ask and ye shall receive:
  9. Ripening oranges and birds of paradise . . . it must be solstice in Southern California! Happy #solstice everyone!
  10. A word to the wise, time to mask up for the sake of ourselves, but mostly for the sake of others:
  11. For those working or interested in #highered, interesting piece in the #nytimes --- are we heading to a much needed reset? Possibly for some, but not all, institutions of #higherlearning.
  12. Outstanding, deep dive, long, fascinating, and informative piece about the war in Ukraine by The NY Times. Worth a read, highly recommend. #ukraine #currentevents #nytimes
  13. The EU doesn’t waste time because Europeans actually know what fascism looks like.
  14. As requested.
  15. Andy Horowitz for the win.
  16. A very helpful list!!
  17. Henninger?
  18. Wrexham. :)
  19. Following the example of my good friend Anna M Lewis, I too will make my #firstpost a #dogsofpost pic. Happy to be here.

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