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News Junkie but tired of all the junk in news. Where’s the honor in public service? Waiting for Jeb Bartlett to announce he’s running in ‘24. Urban liberal but not a snob. Say hi.

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  1. Credit goes to Jhoni Marchinko #georgesantos #dragqueens #uscongress
  2. And George Santos is still not sworn in. 😂
  3. In the words of Annie Murphy aka Alexis Rose, Kevin Can Go F*ck himself #kevinmccarthy #speakerofthehousenot
  4. Good for her and Vince. And for being so public about it.
  5. They got it right.
  6. This warms my heart so much. ❤️
  7. Well it only took almost 3 years but finally tested positive. #fullyvaccinated
  8. #dogsofpost
  9. The intelligence here is almost overwhelming. Hope it stays this way.

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