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Part-time artist, Full-time procrastinator She/Her

Transplant from Qwitter. Can't deal with the hate speech anymore. Hope I can find all my friends again!

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  1. Holiday love to everyone

    Wishing everyone the happiest and most colorful of holidays this year. If you have some love... share it. If you need some love... I am happily giving it. Love and joy to everyone!
  2. I'm not sure if this will work, but I'm going to give it a try. I had made a quick coloring book for my son about 25 years ago (damn I'm old) and over the years I've had friends who have asked for copi
  3. The start of a beautiful friendship

    I am really enjoying scrolling through the posts here without being inundated by posts and reposts about what crazy people are babbling on at the moment! This is a wonderful peaceful place with some ve
  4. Well hello there

    I just got my account up and running here and hope to find all my friends from Qwitter along with some new ones. I'm a portrait artist but usually end up posting more about politics it seems. I'm just g

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