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One of Satan’s little children 😂

Married, liberal, she/her,

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  1. BREAKING: Dr. Dre drops legal bomb on Marjorie Taylor Greene with a blistering cease-and-desist letter to stop using his music or face copyright infringement suit. "We're writing because we think an a
  2. 😂😂😂
  3. Heading into the final stretch. Merry Christmas everyone! #SantaandMrsClaus
  4. What an AMAZING photo! Check out the reflection.
  5. Thank you!
  6. A partial list… THIS WAS ON A FRIEND’S PAGE: An anguished question from a Trump supporter: ‘Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?’ THE SERIOUS ANSWER: Here’s what the majority of anti-Trump
  7. Perfect summation
  8. Facts.
  9. Love this man!
  10. Knew it was coming. How sweet it is!

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