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USN Vet, Avg bald guy trying to bring slightly attractive back. Disabled Heart Patient, MI x 6, CVA x 2. Masked/Vaxxed & Boosted! My pronouns are He/Him/Y'all! No DMs. Vehemently Democrat! My religion is love and kindness and my mind and heart are my churches. Just north of Memphis, TN, and proudly Southern raised, gentility is a way of life. I've traveled the world and there is no place like the south where our tea is sweet and our accent is sweeter! I am adamantly anti-racist, anti-nationalist, pro-feminist! Come at me with misogyny, racism, nationalism, and I will send you home limping! Mess around and find out. <3

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  1. Tourists don’t smash windows, injure 140 police officers, chant for the hanging of the VP. Is this really so hard to grasp?
  2. your reminder that Elon Musk is not an engineer, Donald Trump is not a successful businessman, and January 6 was not some happy-go-lucky tourist romp

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