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  1. Did "your" U.S. Senator or Representative sign on to the "America First Legal" Amicus Brief supporting tRump's challenge to CO's 14th Amendment disqualification? (pps. 10-12 of Brief pdf) Did yours? If so, let them know your thoughts in technicolor. "My" Rep. Finstad signed on, a
  2. Comments due March 3!

    Xcel Energy has plans for Northfield, including an energy sucking data center. AUAR released, comments due March 3 on adequacy, what's missing, what needs more detail, and whether EIS needed. It's all linked below.
  3. History on Parade

    While MN statewide elections went well, in our state Senate District 20 and House 20A, "we" elected self-described America First "Stop the Steal" candidates. 100 years ago the Ku Klux Klan was strong
  4. Took a while, but approved and up and running. Looking forward to J6 tomorrow. It's been a long... time... coming...

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