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Kindness. Compassion. Choose battles wisely. We don’t know what others may be going through.

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  1. This is who Trump is …
  2. Adam Schiff will be the next Senator from California, Garvey is a grifter who has no interest or experience whatsoever a vote for Hatvey is a vote for Trump..
  3. This 👇
  4. Neville Chamberlain sold out Czechoslovakia to the Nazis — and he’s regarded as one of the worst leaders in history. Donald Trump tonight just sold out all of Eastern Europe to Putin — and if he gets back into power he will destroy Europe — and drag America to shame and ruin.
  5. Trump stole documents on confidential informants in January 2021 and 9 months later CIA Counterintelligence sent a top secret cable warning an unusually high number of confidential informants had been killed, captured, or compromised. I feel like more people should mention that.
  6. Wonder which party supported which part of the bill

    IMHO - Looks to me like Dems gave Republicans their corporate tax break for corporations in exchange for the child tax credit that benefits American families. Huh. No surprise to this woke one. “The House passed a bill that would expand the child tax credit and revive Trump-era co
  7. This tweet is almost 8 years old and still as true as ever!
  8. I expected nothing less than malicious lies from malignant liars.
  9. Wow. That was fast. DeSantos has dropped out of the POTUS race & i am glad. One less authoritarian to deal with, for now.
  10. Republicans keep the immigration issue alive cuz its huge impact on uninformed constituents - they use the issue to get votes. Pure & simple.
  11. Can’t help it … Jeff’s creative and sometimes raunchy description of life events has me belly laughing EVERY DAY! In the current climate of division, misinformation (and oh so much more), i embrace humor. Thank you Jeff!!
  12. Dark Brandon’s administration is taking care of business.
  13. Of course he did! Republicans are ONLY for anything that enriches themselves and their donors.
  14. And this why the middleman needs to be cut out and/or regulated so that insurance, oil, pharma, etc. don’t pillage Americans.
  15. It must constantly be brought up that Saudi Arabia paid slumlord Jared Kushner $2 Billion and corrupt fraud Steve Mnuchin $1 Billion in exchange for intel, the same hostile nation that’s responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
  16. Up to 10,000 emperor penguin chicks drowned or froze to death in the Bellingshausen Sea in Antarctica because we keep burning fossil fuels.

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