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Economist and statistician

I'm a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford's Graduate School of Business. I currently study industrial organization, Bayesian statistics, and computational economics. I received my PhD in finance from the University of Oregon in 2022.

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  1. I love this rationale!
  2. Academic joining yet another social media platform after the Twitter meltdown:
  3. It's been a while since I've been on Post -- I'm delighted that the follow tab is now first!
  4. Well, at least I left Twitter with a bang, I suppose.
  5. When you don't like the outcome, change the choice set.
  6. Elon, the priced risk

    Funny story -- several years ago, when I took my final exam for empirical asset pricing, one of the questions was What are priced risks for Tesla? Among the common responses to this question (size, valu
  7. Not going to lie, the serif font is a big one for me. It's just the best type of font. Sans is complete nonsense and we all know it.
  8. Oh goody!
  9. Who are "must follow" folks on Post?
  10. Check this out:
  11. Not a comment on the content below, but more on Reuter's use of Post! I love that they put some articles behind tip-walls. Seems like it could actually be kind of an okay revenue generation mechanism.
  12. I like the typing interface in Post! It's a lovely, simple, clean editor with enough features. I like that it defaults to "short" posts with no formatting if the character count is small enough, and t
  13. In general, I'm not opposed to the tilt towards remote work. As to the effects of losing lots of high-income folks, the quote from the piece is pretty solid: When higher-income people move away, cities
  14. Introduction!

    Hey everyone! Just got accepted into Post. Hopefully I'll add some substantive comments here on economics, Bayesian statistics, and whatever else I can drum up.

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