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  1. YES. Without accountability and the rule of law, democracy collapses and civil society erodes.
  2. Good. Sheesh. If he takes his seat after making up a life for himself, and it’s not even investigated, why wouldn’t more people do the same? Accountability. My word for 2022. And 2021. And 2020. And…
  3. Santos invented a fake person and sold him to the NY electorate, who thereby bought themselves a fraud. Accountability would be nice (she said sarcastically.). Without it, we can expect more of the sam
  4. It's strange and sad and revealing and logical to see Twitter crash and burn. It's a network of communication that the authoritarian-minded would naturally want to seize and control. It's a den of nas
  5. So…I now know four people in my immediate circle who got Covid in the last week or so. Get your new booster! I got it and the flu shot on the same day and had no negative response. And…masks continue

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