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Ingham County, Michigan, USA

The Forest Parke Library & Archives is the Local History Collection for the Capital Area District Libraries, located in the lower level of the Downtown Lansing library.

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  1. Celebrate the new year ~Local History Style~ by checking out what was going on in your town 100 years ago in 1923. Fully accessible online and keyword searchable! The Ingham County News (1923): Lansin
  2. Local History staff and the Preservation Pups wish everyone Happy Holidays and a safe and warm Snowmageddon here in mid-Michigan ⛄️ Come see us in 2023 for your local history research needs OR spend s
  3. Did your dorm room look like this? These two students at Michigan Agricultural College (now Michigan State University) had a humorous flair for decoration. Judging by their pants, they were also membe
  4. As we all do our last minute holiday shopping, here are some interior shots of Knapp's Department Store in downtown Lansing, circa 1950s. Check out our full collection on Knapp's, which includes some
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    We're a local history collection with a collecting focus on Ingham County, Michigan. Physically located in CADL's downtown Lansing branch but also available in your home with thousands of digitized im
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