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  1. Does Kevin McCarthy’s body have any bones are is he just MTG’s puppet?
  2. From Robert B. Hubbell’s Substack “ Today’s Edition Newsletter ”:
  3. LOL. Tucker's texts. @marcelias should feel proud. #RentFree "They have Marc Elias and lawyers from every major firm. We have Lin Wood and Powell."
  4. It’s not about blindly awarding participation trophies; it’s about truly appreciating genuine effort. Focusing only on excellence and the gifted/talented diminishes the lessons we all — even we last-place finishers — can learn from sports.
  5. This looks awesome. In my experience, children learn best anywhere other than a traditional desk, lined up in a row.
  6. Has any other university ever cut off healthcare to striking grad students?
  7. Even the dogs know.
  8. Such an embarrassment. She’s horrid.
  9. Experience matters. He did a great job.
  10. In other news - Pennsylvania democrats just secured control of the state house with the results of 3 special elections today in districts around Pittsburgh!
  11. 💯💯💯
  12. Clean up you post neighborhood ... block annoying people
  13. Absolutely.
  14. What can we do about Ginni Thomas?

    Why won't anyone take on forcing Clarence and Ginni Thomas to be accountable? As @dahlialithwick points out, at this point TFG is low-hanging fruit. The GOP hyenas are turning on him. But there seems
  15. #Genealogists and #FamilyHistorians, where are you?
  16. This is what true globalization could look like — countries standing together to be pieces of a greater whole, solving problems that make the world a better place for everyone. Now, more than ever, we
  17. Absolutely.
  18. Great job Germantown Academy!

    Thank you to Germantown Academy (my kids' school). Because you care about true education, my kids have read, studied, and written about several these books over the years. As far as I know, the school
  19. Liar Liar Liar

    So first, he apparently lies about having employees who died in the Pulse nighclub massacre, AND about his educational qualifications, AND about his employment qualifications, AND about his chairty. N

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