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An author, an actress & advocate... I love 80s music, going on adventures, & mental health advocacy!

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  1. It's okay if you take a long time to achieve your dreams- just don't give up on them! An elephant may travel at a slower speed than other animals, but they'll still get to their destination as long as they keep going! Don't put expiration dates on your goals, it's never too late
  2. Avoiding your problems won't make them go away! In fact, it usually makes them worse! For example: you may not want to do your taxes, but there are stuff penalties if you don't! The only way things will change is if you take action, so don't ignore your issues or pretend they're
  3. Carmen never wanted to be a hero! Seriously, she just wanted a job! But, when she realized just what the organization she worked for was capable of, she had to put a stop to it before it went any further. Can Carmen pull off her valiant effort to prevent this danger from spreadin
  4. It's okay to go to your safe place when you need comfort, but if you stay there, you won't go anywhere! Yes, sometimes when you take a chance, bad things happen, but if you do nothing, then nothing happens! Taking a risk is the only way to move forward! Never give up because of p
  5. The organization thinks they have the upper hand! With far-reaching intelligence & a team of henchmen ready to deploy at a moment's notice, they weren't too worried about one woman escaping them to tell the truth... but they underestimated Carmen! Can she outsmart this powerful f
  6. Surround yourself with people that strengthen your magic, not diminish it! Aunt Hilda's enchantments would ebb if the individuals around her brought her down, & she could do better spells when others lifted her up! Don't let anyone mak e you lose your inner spark- stick with those
  7. Acknowledging your feelings is helpful, but letting them rule your life won't help much at all! Al Bundy complained about his life a lot, & while some of his frustration was valid, he never did anything to make his circumstances better! Don't ignore your emotions, but instead of
  8. Don't keep trying to make one method work if it has persistently proved that it won't! That's like being on a hamster wheel & expecting it to go somewhere with each turn! Don't keep wasting time on things that don't work - continue trying different ways to make your dreams come t
  9. When you're feeling down, don't be afraid to reach out to people! Those closest to you want to be there for when you need support the most, & their help makes a huge difference in recovery! So share your experience with loved ones,it helps! Happy National Farm Animals Day & Happy
  10. Don't let your doubts diminish your powers! One of the reasons that the unicorn is the national symbol of Scotland is that they were believed to be the most powerful animal, & Scottish kings were convinced that they could tame them! If a powerful leader lets their confidence wane
  11. Carmen doesn't know if she's ready to go against a powerful organization, but her level of mental preparedness doesn't matter- the moment has come! Can she fully embrace this new role? Read Sabotage by Dana Lee Burton to find out! #author #authorsofpost #authorssupportingauthors #
  12. Don't let the darkness you're going through convince you that you'll never see light again! It may seem like it'll last forever sometimes, but just like the sun, you will rise again! Nothing in nature goes on eternally, so any shadow period you endure will conclude eventually! Do
  13. Ch. 11 of my novel, The Terra-Belle Ancestors, is now available! Connor & the others have to act quickly to prevent disaster from unfolding, but they don't exactly know what action to take... Find out what happens here: #action #adventure #authorsofpost #book #comedy #creative #c
  14. Your mental health should be as high of a priority as your physical health! Actually, the two are often intertwined! Stress weakens your immune system & makes any malady you have worse! Mainly though, your mind controls everything you do from relationships with others to how you
  15. The sickness is spreading, but it could easily get prevented if people knew where it originated from! Gwynivara discovers a secret but powerful foe lurking in the darkness who will do whatever it takes from the remedy getting found... Can she save the world from this deadly outbr
  16. Don't think the lack of speed in your goals means that they won't happen! A cat may not reach the end of a trail as fast as taller creatures, but if it stops trying, it'll never reach the end! Quit letting others' faster progress lead you to believe you'll never make it! Keep goi
  17. If you want to achieve something new, you have to do something different! Bette Davis struggled to garner success at the beginning of her career, but she made it big when she took on roles that no one thought would do well- imperfect women! She cast aside the notion that ladies s
  18. It's not just about battling monsters- Gwynivara & her fellow outcasts are fighting to expose the truth of their origin! If people knew, a cure could be found, which is why their secret foe will do whatever it takes to silence them! Can Gwynivara & the others prevail? Read Rebels
  19. If one way doesn't work, it doesn't mean you should quit your goal- it means you you try again using another way! Superheroes like Iron Man don't win with every idea working, they just keep trying different methods until something works! Failure is only fatal if you let it be, so
  20. If others have achieved their dreams against the odds, then so can you! Doris Day dreamt of a career in music, & she started competing in dance competitions. She found success all over the country, & then a car accident changed everything! She couldn't dance anymore, but she foun

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