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  1. Here's my new slogan for the GOP God nonsense; "Too many crooks spoil the cloth"
  2. Fools about Tools

    To all the idiots sharing conspiracy theories that Paul Pelosi's intruder was a paid escort; I don't think anyone's idea of being nailed has to do with an actual hammer.
  3. Ron DeSantis Calls for Execution for Child Rapists. That's one way to give the congressional majority back to the democrats.
  4. Everyone is getting involved in the Speaker of the House drama. To make up for their last mistake Rolling Stone just nominated Celine Dion.
  5. Sean Hannity is crying that the Republican Party is “on the verge of becoming a total clown show”...Hard to hear his Circus comment though while his head is in the lion's mouth.
  6. Speaker

    Pretty embarrassing, Kevin McCarthy lowered his expectations from becoming Speaker of the House to using the PA system at Mar-a-lago... #McCarthy
  7. The republicans are improving, McCarthy lost three elections in one day and didn't deny the results of any of them.
  8. Maybe George Santos belongs in jail-ish...
  9. Jerry's Pizza has a new promotion. If you photograph yourself with their product they will have you arrested in 30 minutes or less or the pizza is free.
  10. Breaking; George Santos lied about being George Santos....
  11. Think about this. Since the beginning of Russia's attack on Ukraine 7000 Ukrainians have been killed. Russia lost 4000 tanks which means each tank kills less than 2 people. Ukraine will win this... #R
  12. On TWITTER Ivermectin is trending. Which is about all it does.
  13. The American Medical Association has joined with the January 6 committee to alert Mark Meadows and Donald Trump that eating classified documents doesn't satisfy daily fiber requirements...
  14. Trump is leaving the Republican party and will run in 2024 as a Clairvoyant.
  15. Mike Pence has announced he is running for president. As opposed to a couple of years ago when he was running FROM the president.
  16. First #TrumpTaxReturns revelation! Turns out he declared Lindsey Graham as a dependent.
  17. VP

    A new book claims that Joe Biden was 'Annoyed' With Kamala Harris At Start Of Presidency...which to me is nothing compared to a president that wants to hang their VP at the end of their presidency...
  18. Posting on Post post twitter with the goal post that POST gets post most.
  19. Matt Gaetz has no choice but to support Trump forever. Trump has what I call KomproMATT....
  20. Trading Cards

    Just got the latest Trump trading cards; 1. Obstruction Trump 2. Conspiracy to Defraud Trump 3. False Statement Trump 4. Inciting Trump Instead of giving him $99, apparently we give him 99 years. Defi

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