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Not a dog on the internet. Probably. As far as you know.

Liberal, former conservative. Science! Arts! Reading! Still wearing a mask because I'm pro-life.

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  1. The Trump kids are going broke now? They can just pick themselves up by their bootstraps. Maybe get a job at Starbucks and learn to code. ¡Pobrecitos!
  2. Again not a drag queen
  3. I live in NJ. Bob Menendez is one of my Senators. And I am a Democrat. And while I’m not happy about his indictment, here’s what I’m not going to do: I’m not going to sell t-shirts with his face on it under the words “never surrender”, I’m not going to take shots at the prosecutors
  4. gee, do I vote for the 80-year-old who just breezed through a successful five-day series of international events, or the toxic 91-count crime-factory dumpster fire who needed to hold a general's hand in order to gingerly make his way down a gentle ramp? what a fucking conundrum
  5. Please stop linking to / posting on Twitter. It’s crashy, it’s fashy, it’s dying.
  6. @support Please remove app banner on website so I can navigate without it. I’m tired of the app crashing.
  7. I remember the 2000 Election. There were enough votes for Ralph Nader to hand the election to George W. Bush. I remember the 2016 Election. There were enough votes for Jill Stein to hand the election to Donald Trump. In 2024 the Green Party is running Cornell West. Let’s not repeat
  8. The great historian Carol Anderson, stating the blunt truth about suppressing African American votes in Alabama.
  9. Cool, cool. So 10k unwanted babies we forcibly brought into this world without the support they likely need as we dismantle the social securities our country promised. Nifty!
  10. Billing the Hospital Billing Department; I like this approach.
  11. It’s very telling that Republicans don’t rely on thoughts and prayers to end drag queen brunches, but act like they’re going to stop children from getting mowed down by gun-wielding sociopaths. They know what they’re doing when they deflect this.
  12. If you feel the need to shoot someone who mistakenly turns into your driveway; Or won't give you a steak; Or bounces a ball into your yard; Or rings the wrong doorbell; YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE A GUN. You are STAR FRICKIN' EVIDENCE FOR THE NEED FOR BETTER GUN LAWS. These actions are happenin
  13. Follow Joanne Freeman for the historical perspective. You could even subscribe to her newsletter! History is rhyming right before our eyes.
  14. Truth.
  15. Nato Green, “What Do Politics Have to Do with Me?”
  16. The 14th Amendment not only opened the path to a new birth of freedom and equality in Sections 1 and 2 but, in Section 3, directed the exclusion from power of those who betray their oaths by resorting
  17. Imagine if 2 people borrowed library books and didn’t return them. 1 forgot about the book, finds it a couple years later, and then immediately gives it back. The other person knowingly takes the book
  18. File this under “things you don’t hear about democrats doing.”

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