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  2. Show Some Respect!

    If Marge and the other barnyard animals can't show decorum during a State of The Union address then they should be escorted out of the facility immediately. The Republican Party is an embarrassment to this nation and the world. Whoever continues to vote for this party needs their
  3. We all heard Trump pressure Raffensperger to change the election results. We all saw Trump support, brag, and encourage his followers, "You'll never take back the country by being weak..." Before the insurrection, he incited the crowds to hang the V.P., refused to support a peace
  4. A white substance foreign to Jr.? Really?
  5. Frump Got Exactly What He Deserved.

    E.J. Carroll - Thank You! E.J. Carroll deserves a national standing ovation! Thank you for taking Frump on and for sacrificing all that you did to see justice served. The jury rightly punished Frump and it gives me hope that perhaps it's not too late for our country. If we fight b
  6. Eye-opening documentary from "FRONTLINE."
  7. We Are All Connected

    We are living through such stressful and frightening times right now and so I want to take a minute to send some love to each of you during this holiday season. Regardless of what you believe or don't, we are all connected. We can either spread hate or work together to restore a
  8. Elon Musk just re-instated Alex Jones' account on Twitter (X). Alex Jones is one of the most insidious spreaders of disinformation and conspiracy theories in the new media - as evidenced by the nearly $1.5 BILLION dollars in damages he must now pay to the families of Sandy Hook su
  9. OR, what their billionaire supporters demand.
  10. #BoycottHomeDepot I do boycott Home Depot and continue to give my money to LOEWS.
  11. No. Words are meaningless when they are spoken by a Republican.
  12. There are so many reasons to love this man!
  13. Whoever is sending their kids to Clemson University should ask for a refund. Why would Clemson invite an insurrectionist to a football game?
  14. I hope the Republicans keep pushing their anti-abortion agenda across America to underscore, over and over and over, how willing they are to strip away women’s reproductive rights and how hostile they are to the will of the majority. I have no reason to assume this will convince
  15. Over 120 House Republicans signed a brief asking the Supreme Court to reject the results of the 2020 election. The ring leader is now the Speaker. Support @democracydocket to stay informed on election subversion, voter suppression and election news.
  16. Wake-Up America.
  17. Calling Attorney General Merrick Garland Please find this NY Times list of the 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the election. Seven out of 9 of these traitors are running to be the majority leader in Congress. These people committed TREASON. Please explain to your fellow Amer
  18. Jenna Ellis is a best actress nominee in "Election Deniers." The tears, the lies, the guilty plea, these people should be also doing time.
  19. Jim Jordan? Really?

    I love Nicole Wallace and MSNBC. I feel that MSNBC is the last news network I can watch and yet, the advertiser that is on every one of their commercials is "Balance Of Nature," a vitamin company owned by Dr. Douglas Howard who is a Trump supporter. WTF MSNBC! You know that our

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