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Rocket scientist by way of , @Worldbank, @Mapbox, @Satellogic. Saepe cadendo. Dad to Sela, @emmyagsmith husband

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  1. #Oppenheimer , and his soviet version Sakharov, both instrumental for making The Bomb, and both died anti-nuclear pacifist pariahs. Such high hopes for the movie. Here's the passage from my book #ImpactScience
  2. What a fantastic read on one the insides of an exit I highly respected.
  3. #ChatGPT et al. passing exams and certifications (GRE, BAR, coding) tells more how bad these are at assessing practical skills, than how good LLM AIs are. Yes valuable, but you still need humans to convert 🦜recall into value. AIs are copilots.
  4. How I prepare talks

    The video of my [spanish] talk yesterday on human, artificial and natural intelligence, & my crazy notes. I prepare by obsessing over days on content, audience, flow, stories. Then record and listen t
  5. Just added a small section about how covid forced the world to demand more from scientists to my "Impact Science" book. I'd highly appreciate comments. Thanks!! Pages 33 to 37 of the manuscript here
  6. A new kind of scientist

    Been thinking about this the whole weekend. Been working on this for at least 15 years, even wrote a book about it, but it's always good to sit down and try to think it over from scratch. Sometimes I
  7. Hello world. New to here, so posting mostly to say hi and see who else is around. It never was a greater time to start a social media platform

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