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Associate Fellow at Kings College London's ICSR

London, England

Oxford / Kings College London

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  1. By Russell Brandom For nearly 10 years, WhatsApp’s chat messages have been end-to-end encrypted, meaning they can’t be read by anyone except the sender and the receiver. Drawing on an open-source encryption system developed by Signal , WhatsApp began the move shortly after it was a
  2. By Ananya Bhattacharya The Misinformation Combat Alliance (MCA) is a collaborative effort to limit the spread of misinformation through targeted interventions. Bharat Gupta, CEO of Jagran New Media, started the nonprofit in January 2022 with nine other founding members. It has gro
  3. By Abraham Augustine Patrick Sakwa, a bike-taxi driver in Nairobi, has doubled his daily income over the last month. He still works the same hours, but saves a lot on fuel expenses because Sakwa switched from a traditional oil-guzzling motorbike to a new electric bike in April. The
  4. By Russell Brandom On Monday, OpenAI held its “spring update” product reveal, generating the kind of excitement that’s usually reserved for Apple or Tesla launches. The hope was that the Sam Altman-helmed AI powerhouse would reveal its next-generation model, GPT-5 — but it was not
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