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  1. "Stop playing dumb" Me: I assure you, I'm not playing.
  2. I met a Michael Angelo today. He goes by Mike. I told him I was in class once with a Justin Case, and I once taught a Tajma Hal, and he just stared at me and said, "Yeah, parents..."
  3. Really excited to see how Nolan introduces the Oppenheimer Extended Universe in the mid-credits scene.
  4. Brita this, Brita that. Sometimes the water straight from the garden hose just hits different.
  5. My favorite lie is the serving sizes listed on cereal boxes
  6. I have one rule for social media--if you post stories from Dwarf Fortress, I'm going to read them. Actually, that might just be a rule in all situations.
  7. Me trying to establish my presence on a new platform Is it too early for puns? It is, right? I don't have thousands of followers right now. Better leave that in the pocket for the time being.
  8. Pretty sure that what remains of the content moderation team is being told to work 100 hours a week only on searching every variation of Elon and Musk possible.
  9. Finally, activated my Post account for all the known reasons. No clue if anyone sees this without any followers, but hello!

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