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  1. Changes to prefrontal and temporal lobe functioning, which hurts problem-solving, decision-making, spatial understanding, vocabulary, attention, learning, and memory Changes to neurotransmitter production and absorption, which can lead to mood disorders Changes to movement, causing
  2. By The Big Picture As the legal walls close in around him, Donald Trump is becoming more unhinged by the day. And yet, he has not yet paid a political price for his increasingly unstable behavior. While for many it’s obvious how serious Trump’s declining mental capacity has become,
  3. Can’t stop progress.
  4. Oh, NYC. Never change!
  5. Um, no.
  6. By Alex Woodward Republican governors in more than a dozen states are shutting out more than 8 million children from a new federal food assistance program to support lower-income families this summer. Thirty-five states , including 13 states with GOP governors, have enrolled in the

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