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Bridget Botelho


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Editorial Director for TechTarget's news team, covering a range of enterprise tech. Opinions here are my own.

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  1. Noncompete clauses could be history

    This is a big deal for employees: The FTC's proposed blanket ban on noncompete agreements will affect businesses as soon as the rule is finalized as law, possibly this year. The sweeping proposal requ
  2. Tech to watch in 2023

    Tech industry analysts list some emerging technologies they expect to gain more momentum in 2023. #Sustainability and #AI tech play big roles.
  3. Inside Lensa AI

    Millions of people jumped on the Lensa #AI bandwagon, uploading photos of themselves without regard to how their images might be used. In this story, hear from Prisma Labs about its updated #data use
  4. Introduction

    Hello! I'm the editorial director for TechTarget's news team. We cover enterprise tech including #AI, #CX, storage, networking, #cybersecurity, tech industry regulation, #cloud and emerging tech topic

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