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CEO and Founder

CEO and Advisor | Founded AE Marketing Group Grew Millions in Revenue + Profit | 3x Inc. 5000 Winner | Award-Winning Podcast Host | Public Speaker | Philanthropist | Dad | Traveler | F1

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  1. The Nerve of My Spine

    Success takes time. I know this because it took years for me to become a successful entrepreneur. And yet when facing a significant health issue - I want success now. I keep telling myself - trust the process, put in the work, and success will come. But it is hard some days. I am
  2. Nothing like a rescue dog to rescue you. #Dogs #DogsOfPost #MentalHealthAwareness
  3. Hello Everyone. It's nice to meet you.

    My first post on Post - here to meet new people and see some old friends too. I am a #GenX CEO and #dad of two. I am also a recovering workaholic who lied to himself that financial success was the an

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