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LinkedIn Strategy for Sales Teams and CXOs

LinkedIn is the platform to drive inbound sales. That doesn’t mean it is easy. Far from it. It takes time to connect and build relationships with buyers. And it can feel counterproductive to be creating original posts and commenting on other posts vs making that next cold call or sending another email. The goal is to sell. Not spend countless hours figuring out another social platform. I get it. I’ve been there. My digital sales journey started back in 2015 on Facebook when I started my online business. We had limited money to start-up our business and I had no choice but to learn the slow, painful way. I would fail with my digital ads and posts more often than I succeeded. I made all the mistakes. But I kept going, learning how to analyze data, and eventually my outbound sales became inbound sales leads. For the past few years, I have applied these same principles to LinkedIn and helped companies and individuals skip the line and get on that roller coaster faster. Together we are building a strategy to create meaningful dialogue with buyers The good news? It is super easy to get started if you are ready to start generating new leads from your digital presence. Here's my calendly link to schedule a call: From this initial meeting to getting your first post live only takes about a week. Then we set up a strategy that makes sense for you and set up some baseline metrics to reach during the first 90 days. We cover list building, audience development, messaging, and storytelling. If you haven’t gathered by now, I love what I do. I learned years ago starting my own companies that I truly enjoy the process of building up a digital strategy from scratch. But I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends, volunteering for great organizations like girls + data, Metropolitan Ministries and Feeding Tampa Bay, and doing my best to surround myself with those I most want to emulate. Otherwise, you can find me smiling while driving my ‘97 Jeep TJ 🚙 with 300k miles on it (or crying 😭 when it breaks down again).

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