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Law, politics, policy, tech, football ⚽️(). (past: @kamalaharris, @alicelgbtdems co-chair) BodegaBay rep, SonomaCoastMAC. 🏳️‍🌈✡️ he/him

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  1. Query: Bigger jerk: Clarkson or Beckham?

    Who is the bigger PoS this week: Jeremy Clarkson or David Beckham? Clarkson for being a racist/misogynist ass and dreaming of throwing excrement at #Meghan Markle, or Beckham for putting out a BS stat
  2. #pug #sunbathing
  3. There’s not enough #Arsenal content here. So this @arseblog roundup is important! Fwiw, I like Mudryk, I really do who can’t love a speed merchant like that? But Scott at
  4. How does one respond to the bird going insane?

    The #twitter ban hammer story is wild. We probably shouldn’t be solely relying on private services (like this one) for our communications. On the flip side, we need more organizations standing up like
  5. My first post has to be a #pug

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