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Photographer based in NW WA State. Lover of Democracy & the Great Outdoors.

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  1. Image-of-the-day # 365 of 365: I MADE IT! I succeeded in my quest to post one image for every day of the year 2023. Some days I had to post multiple images to make up for the days when I was out of cell range, but I'm certain I posted 365 images or time-lapse videos. However, I s
  2. Image-of-the-day # 364 of 365: The Aurora Borealis as seen from Cleary Summit northeast of Fairbanks, AK. #Photography
  3. Images-of-the-day #s 362 & 363 of 365: Short-eared Owl gliding straight towards the camera, Samish Flats, Skagit County, WA. #Photography
  4. Image-of-the-day # 361 of 365: Foxy Lady, American Camp, San Juan Island, WA. #Photography
  5. Image-of-the-day # 360 of 365: Glen Canyon with Mt. Pennell in the distance, near Hite, Utah. #Photography
  6. Image-of-the-day # 359 of 365: "Nevermore" - at Goblin Valley State Park, Utah. #Photography
  7. 2023 image-of-the-day # 358: The Milky Way Galaxy setting behind the Early Winters Spires at Washington Pass in the North Cascade Mountains, WA. #Photography
  8. 2023 image-of-the-day # 357: Mount Shuksan, North Cascades, WA. #Photography
  9. 2023 image-of-the-day # 356: Sunrise in Monument Valley, AZ. #Photography
  10. 2023 image-of-the-day # 355: Another nighttime image shot in Monument Valley, AZ, some of the darkest skies you'll find in the lower 48. #Photography
  11. 2023 image-of-the-day # 354: only 10 more days to go in my quest to post 365 images this year! One more nighttime image shot in Monument Valley, AZ, some of the darkest skies you'll find in the lower 48. #Photography
  12. 2023 image-of-the-day # 353: One of my favorite Milky Way Galaxy images shot in one of my favorite locations, Monument Valley, AZ. #Photography
  13. 2023 images-of-the-day # s 351 & 352: Two images from the Wildcat Trail in Monument Valley, Arizona. #photography
  14. 2023 image-of-the-day # 350: Snow Geese on approach and cleared for landing, Fir Island International Airport, Skagit County, WA. #photography
  15. 2023 image-of-the-day # 349: Star trails, Washington Pass, North Cascades, WA. #Photography
  16. 2023 image-of-the-day # 348: The Welsh countryside as seen from ruins of Castell Dinas Brân, a medieval castle in Llangollen, Wales, UK. #photography
  17. 2023 images-of-the-day # 346 & 347: The Short-eared Owl, everyone's favorite since they're diurnal, meaning they are active during the day. SEOs are primarily crepuscular hunters, meaning they are most active near dawn and dusk. These images were shot near the ferry terminal in Cou
  18. 2023 image-of-the-day # 345: The Island in the Sky area of Canyonlands National Park, Utah. #Photography
  19. 2023 image-of-the-day # 344: Short-eared Owl in front of Mt. Baker at sunset, Samish Flats, Skagit County, WA. #photography
  20. 2023 image-of-the-day # 343: Foggy Fidalgo Island as seen from the top of Mt. Erie, Anacortes, WA. #Photography

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