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Baseball Enthusiast, SF Giants fan, Dad to 5 kids. Well, 6 if you count my dog Rocco. Dog ownership is a lot like raising another child.

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  1. Rocco is 3 years old today! #dogsofpost
  2. Happy Thanksgiving. From me and Rocco. #dogsofpost
  3. Rocco is guarding the door to my office. #dogsofpost
  4. Yesterday was bath day. Knocked the undercoat loose so I could thoroughly brush him. He’s getting better about letting me groom him. Nails clipped, ears cleaned. We did it all. #DogsOfPost
  5. Lazy Sunday afternoon after going to the park this morning and playing a game of fetch. #DogsOfPost
  6. He had a big day. It’s so satisfying when I tire him out. Mission accomplished. #Dogsofpost
  7. Beautiful day. At the park. Rocco is ready to play his favorite game. #Dogsofpost
  8. For all of you that have aggressive chewers, I highly recommend these beef cheek rolls. I bought a jumbo sized one (roughly a foot long) and Rocco has been at it for over an hour and he’s only gotten about 10% through it. So if you ever need some me time, this will keep your dog
  9. Because I couldn’t resist. My puppy Rocco. #NationalPuppyDay #Dogsofpost
  10. #Nationalpuppyday #Dogsofpost Here’s Rocco. He’s 2. A 95 pound puppy that sleeps on my bed.
  11. ActioN shots are so tough. He moves so quick. playing around with the crop feature on iPhone14 pro. #dogsofpost
  12. My buddy #Dogsofpost
  13. At the park for a walk and some fetch before the storm comes. #Dogsofpost
  14. Profile seems to be fixed. Let’s test out the posting multiple pictures thingy #Dogsofpost
  15. Anyone know how to get support on here? I’m able to sign in but have no profile.
  16. I brought Rocco home 2 years ago today! We’ve come a long way together. Honestly, it’s been a lot like raising another child. Totally worth it. #Dogsofpost
  17. Lazy Sunday afternoon… #Dogsofpost
  18. Sometimes I wish Rocco would develop a case of the Mondays so I could take some time to myself. lol. Not happening. #Dogsofpost
  19. Rocco and I had a great day today! First some fetch at the park then work (he loves to work) at the pack walk. He’s walking right next to me off leash now. We’ve been working on this for months. #Dogsofpost
  20. Happy Friday! #Dogsofpost

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