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Half-Paralyzed, one-legged stroke survivor.

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  1. To my brothers and sisters that served and are still serving THANKS!
  2. I just saw Marjorie Taylor Greene referred to as “Empty G” and now I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂
  3. Kevin McCarthy is by far the biggest supporter of George Santos and his lies. #news #politics
  4. Liars stick together. That's been proven with Chump.
  5. Time to kickback and relax.
  6. If Hakeem Jeffries can keep it together, he should be president in 2028..
  7. Don't mess with a NWA.. Marjorie Taylor Greene was locked out of her Twitter account, after using music by hip-hop giant Dr. Dre without permission.
  8. Well it didn't take long for House Republicans to go after Social Security and Medicare again. The GOP is willing to hurt millions of Americans that depend on these programs for income and medical car
  9. Now we just need an honest judge.

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