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  1. The future is not in plastics but in fat molecules (lipids)

    My thoughts on #lipidomics , an exciting and advancing #technology for detecting thousands of #lipids (from Greek lipos for #fat ; fat #molecules ), key to #ferroptosis too. Mysterious Fats Fuel Disease More than We Knew -- the future is not plastics (sorry The Graduate) but in
  2. Charles H Turner Award

    Congrats to Presha Rahbhandari on receiving the Charles H Turner Award for Postdoctoral Studies in Biological Sciences! This recognizes outstanding #postdoc work in the Dept of Biological Sciences at @Columbia and the pioneering work of Charles Turner.
  3. How #Diet and #genetics affect the #Chemistry of the #brain to cause and mitigate #depression . And yes there is some #celldeath in there.
  4. Cures from the Mysteries of Cell Death

    My thoughts on why the field of #celldeath writ large is poised to yield big breakthroughs in #health and #medicine -- driven by advances in #necroptosis , #pyroptosis and #ferroptosis
  5. Looking forward to being on this #Medium Day panel about #academia -- Saturday Aug 12, 2:00-2:45. Here are the deets.
  6. Targeting non-apoptotic cell death

    Great to see our new review with @HadianKamyar on the therapeutic potential of targeting non-apoptotic #celldeath out in @NatRevDrugDisc A huge effort and lots of recent data incorporated into this--enjoy!
  7. Interesting new study shows that eating the right foods is associated with lower anxiety. Here are my thoughts.
  8. Congrats to Karen Vousden and colleagues on their paper showing that sucralose/Splenda impairs T cell #immunity --here are my thoughts about the impact on #health and #diet , and a link to #ferroptosis . #cancer #Science
  9. Given knowledge of #ferroptosis , when we do human #diet studies, please separate effects of types of #fattyacids -- MUFAs, PUFAs and SFAs. Here are my thoughts on a recent paper that shows that diet quality is important, even for plant-based diets.
  10. The test President Biden should have performed on his cancerous lesion

    I would think for a skin cancer being removed from the President of the United States, we would use every available test to ensure there are no remaining cancer cells. Should diagnostic procedures incorporate advanced research tools in such cases? #research #cancer #dna
  11. Excited to share my thoughts on our new paper in @NatureComms with Peter Canoll, Jeff Bruce, Simon Cheng and our lab members on a #precision #diet that promotes #ferroptosis in #brain #cancer @columbia @Columbia_Bio
  12. For a little fun, here are my thoughts on Dmitri Mendeleev vs chatGPT and Bing #ai #chemistry #science #MachineLearning
  13. My thoughts on a fasting-mimicking #diet and #Alzheimers -- link to #ferroptosis ?
  14. I've wondered for 10+ years about how ferroptosis actually happens. Here is my explanation of our new paper in Nature Chemical Biology on the endoplasmic reticulum as the key site of lipid peroxidation during #ferroptosis - congrats to the whole team!
  15. Motor neurons, ALS, and ferroptosis

    Congrats to Wan Seok Yang and his team on their paper analyzing #ferroptosis in motor neurons! Here are my thoughts and a link to his paper. #science #ALS @columbia_bio
  16. Sulfur and the brain

    Congrats to @PrattGroup @RedoxDKFZ @almut_schulze @AngeliFriedmann for discovering the role of hydropersulfides and other sulfate sulfur compounds in #ferroptosis -- My thoughts about this are here:
  17. A recent paper by Tim Hammond's team at Sanofi showed that #microglia in the #brain undergo #ferroptosis and drive #neurodegeneration, such as #Parkinson's and #ALS. Here are my thoughts on why this i
  18. One of the keys in research is asking Why? See my thoughts on this here: #research #science #creativity #discovery #ideas

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